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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Principles of Animation

alright, I'm posting the assignments from my DGM 2620 class, or principles of animation I. I really enjoyed the class, but it felt like I didn't put as much into it as I could have because of math, english and biology. I'll write a blog about it later in my actual writing blog though. here are the assignments with a sentence or two about them.

this is the assignment that every single animation student does no matter what. a ball that is supposed to bounce. it's not very good, just as all of the following animations will be... but it's a learning process.

a paper airplane, simple enough... except the perspective. I didn't do such a great job on this one with the timing and spacing either. but again, a learning process.

the assignment was to make a doughboy character walk. (doughboy= cartoon anatomy, round, and a doughy looking) simple enough. though I went through so many different sets of keyframes before I just decided to get the assignment done on this one.

the brick drop was possibly the second or third assignment, I can't really remember. but it's the same idea s the ball bounce, get the timing and spacing down, except a brick doesn't bounce as much as a ball... it breaks. (for this assignment it does anyway.)

the flour sack was fun, it took me a short ammount of time because I was at home just doing straight ahead animation (start with frame 1, then draw frame 2, 3, 4... et al.) which is a lot funner than pose to pose animation (draw frame 1, then frame 12 or a frame where there is an important pose... then fill in the drawing in between.) so this one was fun for me.

this animation got the most of my attention and took the longest time to complete. I am still not happy with it, but the end of semester was coming up on me fast and I still had to animate two things. (I skipped the flour sack and moved to this.)

well, this was the final assignment. sort of. there was one more that he gave us to choose from, but due to time constraints I chose to do a jump. it's not perfect, like all the rest. but it's a start.

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