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Sunday, May 8, 2011

do something cool, everyday

okay, so I was led by a friend (not using his name for privacy reasons) to a lecture about "filling the creative gap". it can be found here:

so, I watched it, and it's helped me overcome my "I'm such a bad artist" syndrome. true, I'm not that great, but I won't get better if I dwell on it, so I'm making rules for myself. I'm going to make something cool everyday, taking the advice of the lecture... I am really excited for it, I'm happy that I can and will begin moving forward again.

so this is my entry for tonight.

this is inspired by something my brother said, inadvertently this night. I forget the circumstances, but someone mentioned their weight, while my brother was playing a game and without knowing what was happening, he blurted out "new hi score!". it tickled me.

so yeah, check up each night, I can't guarantee that they will be awesome, but I will be posting nightly.


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