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Saturday, August 27, 2011

back again, back again!

alright, maybe something every day was a little bit ambitious of me, especially since what I want to be doing is art that is more... good. fully rendered rather than just sketches. anyway, after a long break from my blog, I am back. and while I cannot promise an update everyday, I am now giving myself projects, and deadlines to reach. thanks to my friend, Will, I am back into the 3D field using Blender. I am enjoying it quite a bit now that I am actually into it again! here's what I've been working on today.

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Myra said...

Cool 3-D picture. You'll get better at the software the more you use it (this coming from one who cannot figure out HOW to begin to use Illustrator for a what I'm told is a simple logo for Women Vets. We lost our original logo done in illustrator and only have a jpg - won't 'grow' without losing quality. I need a 2-day class!