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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


back on the boat again. my ipod is broken, and I can't listen to my audio books away from the computer, and I can't understand them if I'm doing anything that requires words to be read or written. so drawing comes naturally. good thing too.
here's what I have been messing around with.


Charlyn said...

Wow, this one is really great. At first I thought it was something professional you were linking to because you liked it. Also, I like that Fox Logo too.

Ryan said...

thank you Charlyn! I appreciate your compliments! keep checking back, I am trying to draw more frequently. and finish my work as well.

Anthony said...

The lighting here is pretty good. I can't identify the light source, but it is consistent with where you have highlights and shadows. It's really dark. I can't see the details in the lower left corner. You can probably use more of a range, and use the contrast to set your atmosphere. The color selection is good, but you probably want to increase the number of colors you're using.