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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

just old light

I've tried drawing a lot of different things today. but I haven't had any motivation, no umph. and very little friction to get started. today hasn't been good. let's just leave it at that. in any case, I managed to do a simple sketch of my left hand. fantastic. it's like I could only manage a pile of crap that is shiny or something, and I am supposed to be happy about it.


Lachoneus said...

I don't know if it was you or someone else that told me. Only when you have a stack of sketch books that goes over your head, can you consider yourself a "good" artist.

Every sketch counts, right? Even if you don't like what you have drawn.

I think that you captured the hand well.

Ryan said...

that quote comes from Professor Rodayne. I honestly miss those college days will. I was just in a bad mood yesterday and tried drawing therapy with little success. I took it out in my blog. haha, thank you for your comment.

The E said...

I really liked the hand as well. A book that I think you should get is called "Letters to a young poet" by rainer Maria Rilke, It written to a poet but a lot applies to us as artists. when ever I feel unmotivated I turn to that book and all is well. I highly recommend it for all artists