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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Women! @_@

well, valentine's day was yesterday. let me express my frustration with Women here.
simply put; I can't draw them. it's frustrating! ha! and you thought I was going to start complaining about dating and stuff like that! you thought wrong. anyway, I really have a difficult time with women. I honestly don't spend a lot of time with the female body (which can be considered a very good thing) so I don't understand well the way the curves come together, the structure of the face, etc. it's frustrating to me because I think that Woman is the most beautiful creation out there, yet I am unable to render it! here is my attempt from this evening. 

1 comment:

Project_Infinity said...

Yes, women are tough to draw. It's one of my biggest frustrations when I cant draw an attractive woman, and especially if my women just look like dudes in wigs :(