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Monday, August 6, 2012

Procrastination leads to a dump.

Well, it's been a LONG while since I posted, however I have not stopped drawing! (okay, for a while I did not draw as often as I should have... if at all.)

I have been on a drawing kick as of late and I am loving it! so I decided that I should dump it all in this blog. for those of you who check it, I hope that you enjoy it! I make no promises to the regularity of future posts however.


Dawn said...

I really like the pen upright trex for the boys room. I think it's less menacing than the red pencil sketch. I sure would love to get these guys on the wall! And the pterodactyl, btw.

William Thorup said...

That model session was allot of fun wasn't it. Can't wait until the next one.

I like the little dinosaur. Cute, in the darker drawings, but might have an angry side in the red drawings.

Can you see improvement in the last drawing session, compared to previous ones?

Ryan said...

I am starting to see slight improvement. I am really looking forward to my drawing class though. I expect to see large improvement as I start to study, practice and be taught.