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Sunday, February 15, 2009

am I dead? or just lame?

if anyone checks my blog regularly, you might wonder why I haven't posted any new pictures lately. here's a few reasons you may have thought of.
-I died in a car accident
-I died falling down the stairs
-I haven't been drawing
-I left for my mission
-my internet has been down
-I've been working a ton of overtime
-my muse has left me
-I'm out and out lame
-I'm lazy

most of those aren't true. I'm still alive, I'm still home with my internet working. I have been working a ton, but that's not a terribly good excuse since I've still been drawing. my muse either left me a long time ago, or I have yet to find it, so I'm going it alone, as always. I am lame, and I am lazy. so those are probably your two best candidates for why I haven't posted any new pictures. also, I lost my camera, and don't have any free time at work to scan my pictures in.

I do have pictures though! and I want to post them, so keep checking back if you don't hate me already.

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